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Planning to come to Minsk and have not decided where to stay? Then we have for you!

You choose Your Hostel, because this is all reasons! So, we have only:

  • 1

    The highest hostel in Minsk! We are located on the two top floors of skyscrapers. 16-17 floors!

  • 2

    Fantastic panoramic views of the night Minsk from the windows of our rooms.

  • 3

    Fantastic panoramic views of the night Minsk from the windows of our rooms.

  • 4

    Convenient location. The very center of the city.

  • 5

    You rid yourself of the annoying question: «How far from the subway?!» - It takes less time than the duration of the break in a football match. 10 minutes!

  • 6

    In our immediate vicinity is located all the things that you will need, from shopping centers, exchangers, shop, bank, pharmacy and entertainment center, ending dining, cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, barber shop, beauty Beauty

  • 7

    Fashionably furnished, comfortable, and most importantly very clean and spacious rooms at the hostel in the city.

  • 8

    Fully equipped large kitchen. If you're a cook, you can easily do it with us, saving you money in the upcoming trip.

Convinced? Then let

booking Although we still have a lot of reasons!
  • 9

    Absolutely reasonable prices. you save from $ 32 - money that can spend up to 50 packs of ice cream to your child, 21 flower of your ladylove, 16 liters of good beer or a beloved husband for 10 skalok beloved mother in law! * The comparison is made with the price of the room Budget Hotel 3 star

  • 10

    Flexible system of discounts. We value every customer and are happy to make special offers for students traveling pensioners, large companies or a long-term residents.

  • 11

    Ability settle, stay and leave at any time convenient for you. It is only necessary to warn us about it.

  • 12

    Catering. There is little time or just lazy? Only here you can get a delicious breakfast, a hearty lunch, gourmet dinner, or just a light snack. * For a fee

  • 13

    Really comfy bed! You do not just find a place where you can spend the night, and here you can have a good sleep and a good rest. late risers to us all.

  • 14

    We speak English, Spanish, Italian, Polish and German.

  • 15

    Free for you Wi-Fi, tea, coffee, bed linen, towels, slippers, hair dryer, ironing board, television, good sound, books, magazines, games, and other trifles. For us it as a matter of course.

  • 16

    New furniture, modern showers and toilets are clean.

  • 17

    Staff. We are proud of our team! young, kind, sympathetic and knowledgeable administrators always help in any matter. Did you feel welcome!

And now? Can you already

booking But that's not all!
  • 18

    Individual approach to each client.

  • 19

    Convertible separate rooms under your company if you want to retire. * Out of date on holidays and pre-holidays

  • 20

    High level of service.Most friendly and welcoming.

  • 21

    Interesting dating. We often take for musicians, athletes, artists and interesting people. You can get on a little show. Easily make new friends from other cities and countries, whose homes are always looking forward to your visit in the future.

  • 22

    Love for our younger brothers ☺. If you have taken with a neat cat or hamster, you can feel the charm of all our discount system.

  • 23

    Unforgettable experience. We do not feel alone in a strange city. Always find a company willing to talk, drink a cup of hot drink.

Мы ждем Вас и заботимся, делая это с любовью! Наш маленький мир солнца и тепла для Вас!
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